Promodo Released A New Email Marketing Case Study

Email marketing is one of the most effective tool which can help you to promote your eCommerce business on the Internet. Ecommerce marketing company Promodo has released a fresh case study and, using its example, showed how to increase the income of the Stylus retailer from the implementation an email channel in
marketing strategy.

Client and Contractor โ€” a Ukrainian online store which offers electronics, accessories, and home appliances.

Promodo โ€” a digital marketing agency specializing in promoting eCommerce businesses.

Cooperation period

Q4 2017 – Q1 2019.


Promodo needed to achieve these goals:

increase revenue growth from email marketing channel;
implementation of automation and multi-channel approach to mailing;
increase audience engagement.

What we did

Designed letter templates.
Implemented a reactivation and welcome chain.
Segmented the base of subscribers.
Increased the number of