Photos Pop art- Breaking The Standards Of Abstract Expressionism

Photos to pop art painting was felt during 1950’s but it was generally recognized during 1960’s . Basically, when we say pop art, it is a kind of an art movement that tried to replace the traditional abstract expressionism that convey a message which is easier to understand. The persons behind this art movement are Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. The popularity of this pop art movement was spread all over in New York City. The people who initiated the pop art believed that the traditional abstract expressionism are already obsolete and became out
of tune due to the changes of people’s lifestyle and likes. The followers of this kind of art also believed that it has a power to convey a message through easier manner. Such pop art also produced a variety of objects like cans, flags, maps and other stuffed animals. The common concept of pop art painting are irony and mockery images that greatly gave meaning to the viewers.

Generally, pop art is a form of rebellion against the traditional practice of art. The persons engaged of printing photos to pop art believe that sticking one’s
self to an old standards of art will give stagnation to one’s mind. photos to pop art printing is one way of expanding the creativity of the mind of a true artist. Those art standards are just the limitation that serves as hindrance to reach the freedom of painting.

Some of the famous artists of photos to pop art painting were Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. They had able to produce comic strips and media images using the pop art technique. Their action was a big threat to those persons engaged in the traditional abstract expressionism. Some of the viewer’s eyes used to transfer to the artistic photos to pop art painting. Most crowds could able to relate to its features and subjects, the popularity of this kind of art had increased incredibly. This popularity was associated with a lot of appreciation from the simple viewers to the art critics.

You may conclude that photo to pop art painting had totally replaced the traditional abstract expressionism, well it didn’t. Despite of its fame and popularity, photos to pop art painting didn’t able to mock down the development of the original painting. Thus, it is true that an original art could never be beaten.

However, photos to pop art painting also continue to flourish all over the globe as the traditional art is still accepted in the art industry . Obviously, the rivalry of the two prevailed that cause the development of two schools of abstractions. One is the minimalist art that has an unapproachable appearance that is prone to criticism. It has an abstract form with the absence of decorative details. It has also a lot of emphasis in geometry. On the other hand, the color-field artist used to paint more impersonal images.

In conclusion, the rivalry between photos to pop art painting and abstract expressionism is still rampant especially in America. They both have their own way to present their style and they also struggle to get the appreciation of the crowd.