Custom Framing Tips for Novices

Custom framing is something that people enjoy doing once they get the hang of it. The point of this is to create unique frames for artwork and other prints. While it is easier to go to a store and have the work done by experts, the idea of personally creating something for the home appeals to many people. There are many different kinds of do-it-yourself projects that can get an individual started. These projects usually start by using standard e for frames. More advanced techniques involve customizing the measurements to fit the artwork.


When taking measurements for custom framing projects, it is always a good idea to check the measurements for accuracy. If there are discrepancies in the measurements, then ask someone to do it for you. Some people have different techniques for measuring. Most framers like to use a mat to highlight the artwork and limit the distractions that the actual frame might cause. When measuring for a mat, the measurement should overlap the work of art in order to make sure that the edges are not visible. The margins that professional framers use are often 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch on all sides of the print. Trying to memorize the measurements of the print or the frame that you want is risky. Our memory is not what we always expect it to be and it is always better to write down the numbers. This helps to avoid repetitive calls or trips to the store that provides the materials. Many professionals use weights to make sure that the art work or the custom framing materials do not move around too much during measuring or the actual cutting and fitting.


When ordering the materials online, it is wise to actually have a look at samples of the frame and the matting to be used. Some colors and textures may appear differently online than in real life. Some online stores might even send substitutes of the item you ordered in lieu of it being not available at the moment. Some people who are into custom framing might notice the difference between what they ordered and what was sent. Take your time choosing among the samples to make sure that you are satisfied with the results. Some things to bear in mind when ordering materials is that they could take away from the beauty of the actual print or artwork if they are too complicated or busy. Simple framing and matting designs are preferable when you want people to notice the artwork more. Positioning artwork behind matting works best when hinged from the top. The top hinging technique pr