Can Cleaning Induce Labor?

One of the old-wives tales is that you could induce your labor by cleaning your household. But can cleaning induce labor, really? Actually, there are some facts supporting this argument! Sometime during your pregnancy you have probably heard of nesting. Nesting is a natural process that all mammals go through before the birth of their young; humans are no exception. You may find that around your estimated due date, you suddenly have a burst of energy and feel as if you must clean everything in the house and get things ready for your new baby. This behavior is triggered by specific hormone changes that occur just before labor begins. This is a function; however the physical activity while cleaning your home can help the labor to start. Thus, a little bit more about can cleaning induce labor.

First, it should be said that pregnant women should always exercise care when cleaning their homes. It is true that the housework needs to be done and you don’t want to ignore the baby preparations, but keep in mind that injuries may happen while doing housework; such a muscle strains. One of the most common accidents that may occur is slipping on wet floors, so always take your time and use caution when cleaning while pregnant. Many women may find that during the latter parts of their pregnancy, they are simply too tired to exercise. However, when you experience a sudden burst of energy during the nesting phase youll find that house cleaning is a good practical approach to remain physically active and stay fit once you use caution and dont overexert yourself.

Labor is induced in several ways by cleaning your house. First, cleaning requires you to walk, bend, squat, be on all fours and stand. Certain positions and changing them do play a role in helping the baby to get into an optimal birthing position. Especially squatting helps the baby to descend into the birth canal. Squatting is not recommended if the baby is in breech, the crawling position is preferred. This position gives the baby more space to turn before the labor starts.

Whether you are picking things off of the floor or putting clothes in bottom drawers, it is always important to remember that you should never bend over from your waist when pregnant. Always bend at the knees or get down and crawl. Bending over from your waist will put unnecessary stress and strain on your back and can result in back pain. Always bend at the knees when you need to pick something up off the floor. Squatting, in addition to helping your baby to descent, opens u